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Management Team

The knowledge, skills and attitude to develop effective solutions.


The strength of our group comes from the vast experience of the individual team members.


Exposure to operations in all regions of the world and in all sectors of aviation provides an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience.


Our associates and advisor network includes subject matter experts with involvement in a wide range of aviation specialties.

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Over 40 years of aviation experience in a wide range of roles including operational, middle and senior management. Career progression from line pilot to management was rapid due to a creative, bold and decisive leadership style.


The knowledge and skills developed while working in a wide range of aviation activities enhance the ability to understand the unique requirements of all stakeholders. Diverse experience in airlines (passenger and cargo), VIP flight operations, training, ground operations, maintenance, aircraft sales and leasing, interface with OEMs and regulatory oversight create an exceptional understanding of the industry and its issues.


The ability to deliver complex and diverse projects on time and to the highest quality are a proven outcome of this experience.


Building teams that understand, respect and incorporate cultural and organizational requirements into all projects and working relationships has been a hallmark of this career.

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